Awards and honours

Fitur: Fishingtrip Spain Responsible Tourism Award

Fitur: Fishingtrip Majorca Responsible Tourism Award

Fishingtrip Spain (Pescaturismo) has won the award for the best international initiative in responsible and sustainable tourism of the Feria Internacional del Turismo (Fitur) of 2018, among 56 projects from 13 countries.

The award, granted by Fitur, the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero and the fundación Intermundial, recognized the Fishingtrip Spain (Pescaturismo) initiative for being "a project with a large educational component and respect for the environment, which also proposes a new source of income for the fishing sector", through the development and activation of a tourism that advocates responsible practices with the environment, the economy and the local society.

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Baleares: Fishingtrip Spain Best Touristic Experience Award

Baleares: Fishingtrip Majorca Best Touristic Experience Award

Fishingtrip Spain (Pescaturismo) has won the Balearic Islands Government's best tourist Experience Award of 2018.

The Balearic Govern has awarded Fishingtrip Spain (Pescaturismo) for developing a new tourist experience in Mallorca and Menorca, that "improves the quality of the experiences that are offered to the tourists and supposes a dynamic differential offer of the environment". The award highlights that Fishingtrip Spain is an initiative that "emphasizes the things that make the Balearic Islands unique, improve its image and value the uniqueness of the patrimonial, cultural and natural resources of the archipelago, under criteria of quality and sustainability"

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Eureka: Fishingtrip Spain Best Business Initiative Award

Eureka: Fishingtrip Majorca Best Business Initiative Award

Fishingtrip Spain (Pescaturismo) wins the Eureka Award for Best Business Project and entrepreneurial initiative of 2015.

Business recognition occurred when the project was still an idea and helped crystallize it. The path undertaken by Fishingtrip Spain (Pescaturismo) from that date until now has served the local development agency Palma Activa, that awards the reward among more than a hundred initiatives of Mallorca, to set an example in each edition and show entrepreneurs that ideas can become reality.